Saturday, May 27, 2006


It's Saturday, sitting here in the office when I realize that I am close to being workaholic. Gosh, I wonder if this is the arftermath of coming from a restless relationship? I hope not, otherwise gotta need a boyfriend soon. Can't say I'm bored, I actually feel ok being single. I was in the middle of something when an idea came in and I can't help but to pause for a moment and let it sink in to me, taking me away, off to the dreamland. Nobody's too old to day dream anyway... So I am single and physically I am not that bad so there's gotta be a guy out there who would find me desirable. And so I thought how would it feel to receive a flower (delivered, I prefer it that way) from that guy. I wonder how i would manage the surprise I would get. Though I am not really the type who would swoon over a boquet of flowers, but this is something that I always dream of experiencing since highshcool. And I can't believe that at this age I still have this wishful thinking that some guy who likes me would actually send me flowers. Jologs noh?! Ayoko nung boyfriend ko na saka pa lang ako makakatanggap, haller. My admirer (if there's any) is either too bashful to make a move and let his affection known or arrogant that he thinks its a waste. Haaay, gusto ko ng jologs na admirer.