Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We call it S.I. (short for Social Interaction)

Part of the Red Team - yours truly is the only girl and the team lead.  These bullies! 

red tarat tarat.. red tarat tarat.. tararat tarat bum bum bum

learning how to do the laundry paid off..

I was not talking the whole time while building our tower..lahat nagsasalita kung ano dapat ang mangyari sa tower hehehe

Ready for videoke?

(partida kabado ako neto.. )
singing IRONIC by Alanis... 
Malay ko bang ito maging dahilan para maging Female Performer ako heheheh

Friday, November 24, 2006


There are various fillings for this.
Try the Yema.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Frustrating Times. Could be the hormones.

I hate this times when you feel like something is off, that there's something not right yet you can't point your fingers into it. And out of frustration of not finding what it is you start thinking that maybe its all in your mind, you doubt that whatever this invisible thing is, you have just created it yourself..

I wonder when this all started? what have made me feel this way?

is it you?

I hope somebody tells me.

damn, hate it.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Divisoria Experience

my friend et, so takaw! hahaha
I just live in Pasay and only today that I will go to divisoria purposely to check for cheap grabs there. Feeling like we're off to find treasure I went there with my 2 girlfriends, all geared up - faded maong shorts/pants and shirts. Hindi kami nagkikay today. We are to meet our friend DiDy there who will accompany us in our shopping activity and who promises us to bring to a place of yummy chinese dishes - well in fact we're just looking forward to fill our tummy with juicy dimsums and mango sago.
We arrived at 168 around 1030am. We started on Pasilio 1-A and since Christmas is fast approaching you have to walk sideways most of the time - sobrang daming tao. First stop, bags. My friend Evelyn found this bag that she really likes and we asked how much, its 550. Ooops, we make tawad they gave it 480 - last price. We left to check on other stores. I have to remind myself that I am there to buy tela and shoes (optional) and blouses - that is if i can find one. The tela is a must. Anyway, we went around stores and we're still surprised that you can literally find everything on that building. From clothes, bags, to umbrellas, to school supplies, anik anik gift items, to home commodities --its there, like a one stop shop. My head is filled with so many things, thinking about to whom and the what gifts. My friend and I are already planning our next visit to this place, we'll definitely come back to do our Christmas shopping. 

After a while DiDy met us there. Evelyn and I are anxious that we will tire him up. We never realized that he will come really handy, he was so great in making tawad, negotiating to the owner of each shop. The tawad is almost half to the original price, 'twas an amazing experience to be able to buy stuff more than a quarter less than of the original price. It made us even more excited, Evelyn actually bought 2 bags, 2 shoes and tops. Halfway on our shopping we met Nestlee, this was around 1 pm. It's already past lunch time but the experience made us forget that we only had coffee on breakfast so we continue to look for more finds on the second floor of pasilio 1 in 168.

Around 3pm, we now feel the pain of walking a lot breakfast-less and lunch-less. We were so exhausted nevertheless our faces are still painted with 180-degree smile. It has not tainted a bit our excitement on the idea that this activity will be paid off by many many yummy juicy dimsums. YUM! They say no pain no glory. We went to this place called The president, we decided to walk eventhough we're already exhausted. A 20 mins walk is nothing compared to the hours we spent at 168. At The President, you'll see a cart of dimsums ready for ambush :). DiDy initially get Hakao and Pork Siomai. Yumm.. grabeh. Since the girls are so tired and couldn't think anymore but the dimsums, we let DiDy take charge on the food. He ordered this noodle HoFan, Yang-chao rice for Ness and Spareribs in grabeh-red-sticky-sweet-sour sauce. All these dishes are masarap (or maybe we're just too hungry, LOL!!) and that made DiDy again a hero in our eyes. Of course chopstix-chopstix-an kami which made it more fun.

We stayed there for an hour, then walk again to buy Hopia and Chinese med for Ness. The day's activity was really tiring yet fulfilling. So there, my divisoria experience.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

pa‧el‧la  /pɑˈeɪlə, -ˈeɪlyə, pɑˈyɛlə; Sp. pɑˈɛlyɑ, -ˈɛyɑ/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[pah-ey-luh, -eyl-yuh, pah-yel-uh; Sp. pah-e-lyah, -e-yah] –noun
a Spanish dish prepared by simmering together chicken, seafood, rice, vegetables, and saffron and other seasonings.

The first time I ate paella was with Anna at Dulcinea.  It is a heavy and mouthful dish.  I am not really good in describing dishes but I am truly a lover of food.  Food can alter my mood anytime.  Ever since then I searched for the another paella dish that can beat Dulcinea.

Weeks passed by and I finally found a paella dish (picture above)  that can match that of Dulcinea.  This is available in Azul, SM Mall of Asia.  Try it!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

He got me at Biogesic.

Ayun oh!  He's the one that I have been avoiding to fall in love with.  But how could I ever resist to fall from his charms!

He's the most suplado, shy and kindest guy in my world.

Would you like to know how he got me?  Biogesic!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Every Minute Matters.

Sa opisina every minute matters. Pero I can still manage to play tech warrior and monstergame. One good thing of being a lead is that you're so busy its so easy to ignore hurtful realities. The bad thing is life passes you by without experiencing it. Now that I can get to pause and look back naisip ko ang bilis lumipas ng panahon and yet heto pa rin ako single. Hanggang ngayon busy pa rin ako. Sandali lang sakin ang isang linggo, minsan pakiramdam ko gahol pa. Sometimes I worry that I will end up losing sight of the things that matters most in life because of all the work I'm doing. Right now wish ko sana I have someone to remind me about life and love.
That picture by the way was taken inside the tent camped at Mt. Makulot - my very first climb. I was not feeling well because it so happen that this was my FIRST DAY also!

Saturday, May 27, 2006


It's Saturday, sitting here in the office when I realize that I am close to being workaholic. Gosh, I wonder if this is the arftermath of coming from a restless relationship? I hope not, otherwise gotta need a boyfriend soon. Can't say I'm bored, I actually feel ok being single. I was in the middle of something when an idea came in and I can't help but to pause for a moment and let it sink in to me, taking me away, off to the dreamland. Nobody's too old to day dream anyway... So I am single and physically I am not that bad so there's gotta be a guy out there who would find me desirable. And so I thought how would it feel to receive a flower (delivered, I prefer it that way) from that guy. I wonder how i would manage the surprise I would get. Though I am not really the type who would swoon over a boquet of flowers, but this is something that I always dream of experiencing since highshcool. And I can't believe that at this age I still have this wishful thinking that some guy who likes me would actually send me flowers. Jologs noh?! Ayoko nung boyfriend ko na saka pa lang ako makakatanggap, haller. My admirer (if there's any) is either too bashful to make a move and let his affection known or arrogant that he thinks its a waste. Haaay, gusto ko ng jologs na admirer.