Friday, September 30, 2011

Never been the same since Dopey.


I lead a busy life. I love my work so I work hard. I love my Anna so I spend time with him. I love my ministry so 50% of my weekend is committed on church activities. I don't complain. As much as I don't want to admit it, but sometimes I get bored with the already busy life I have. I have achieved most of my goals - my own house, my siblings have graduated - (and yeah I can read your mind telling me that to build my own family is the next thing for me) but it doesn't feel that great to achieve all of it and not have new ones. Building your own family is not a single decision so I'm not going to pressure myself on that.

Then Dopey came.

And my life got colors in it instantly. I am so thankful that my mother (we call her granny now because of Dopey) loves Dopey. And my sister are all so supportive in looking after Dopey. She's a baby in our home and I love her so much. Although it's not all cute ok. The first 2 weeks is a pain. Poops everywhere, the house stinks and sometime that week she was vomiting all over the place that I had to rush her to the vet. I felt that those experiences made me a better person, more responsible and more caring. In a way, I feel confident that I have that motherly-nurturing trait. It is just so remarkable to realize that I have this much love in me which didn't know before until my Dopey came.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My first adopted baby.

I never considered myself a lover for pets. I do find dogs, specially puppies, cute but I don't see myself responsible enough take care of them. I never thought I would have my own dog until I met this beagle on our Baguio trip couple of months back.

This dog is one feisty dog. Keeps on barking whenever we pass by. But, the more this beagle paid attention to me the more I find him/her adorable. The beagle's kind eyes and long ears got me. So 2 weeks after coming back to Manila, I looked and looked for beagle puppies -- only to look. But, the moment I laid my eyes on Dopey, I just knew that she's mine. Only took me 2 mins. to decide. Dopey is perfect for me.


So now, I am officially a pet lover.