Saturday, February 24, 2007

Factory Tour and the Huge Eye Glass

Eventhough it's freezing cold here I wouldn't pass this buy 1 take 1 treat.  Only at 2$!

My first laptop! Yessss!

Need I say more?  I am just excited when I got this!  

My US birthday celebration is just sumptuous and AWESOME!
Today is my last day and my boss is very kind enough to push our Factory tour here at Dell-Austin. Its more of an opportunity to see how those programs we've been working so hard to code is being used in the manufacturing factory.

Just like any other manufacturing factories, they have procedures to follow as part of their security process and so we encountered some problems at first getting inside the building but it could be because we don't look like a threat to their security so they let us in. We were given this eyeglass to wear all the time we're inside the factory. It was a clear and big eyeglass and when I wore it the lens is sticking to my eye lids. I figured that maybe the eyeglass is made for the Americans, you know with the deep-set eyes and the nose that are straight unlike most asians that are small and flat (and cute!!) My eyes are not deep set, its more of the opposite. Its protruding and prominent in my face, and my nose are small (pero di po ako pango -just small!) So during the factory tour I would have to hold the eyeglass so as it will not stick to my eyelids, besides it feels a little bit stupid for the eyeglass leaning on my lids then on my cheek. hehhe

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Zsa Zsa Zatrunah - Best play ever!

A day before I flew to US, Anna and I watch ZsaZsa Zaturnah Ze Musical. Prior to seeing that show we already heard how great it was and actually Anna had been waiting for that play for over a year so you can probably imagine how excited we were that day. 
First surprise was that the room was around 60sqm only - unlike that Peter Pan show that we watched - 'twas very small and we're just one sit away from the stage. Because we're so close, my thoughts were on what we will see when Eula Valdez is on her 2 piece Zaturnah costume.. can you imagine?!? LOLZ!
And so the show started. It was hilarious, terrific.. I always had a good time watching stage plays way back college days but this one tops it all. All that time its either you're smiling broadly or want to go ROTFL. Super nakakatawa, no wonder this play is notorious. To say that it was fantastic is an understatement. We simply had a good time. Another reason why I enjoyed it is because I saw Anna enjoying it all the time too. 
I'd say that day was perfect. A perfect moment to cherish while I'm away with the people I care about in my homeplace. :)

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Tabo! (US Experience)

 Isa sa bagay na hindi ko matanggap dito sa US ay ung paggamit ng tissue paper para panglinis ng pwet mo after jumebs. My golly marami silang tubig pero wala silang tabo! I was here in the office enjoying my coffee when I feel that urge to take may bowel. I have no intention of delaying it, so I went stright to the CR.

Forgive me for describing this but my dirt was something that you would want water to clean up your ass with, you know it is moist-y and soft-y hehehe. Yucky!! I just use tissue paper (they got loads of them) to wipe 'em out. No Water! Kadiri noh. I'm not used to that siempre pinoy style ako eh. It reminds me of my childhood sa probinsya. At that time, water is about a kilometer away so sa bahay ng lola ko so every drop counts. To save water, kapag nagjebs ka - we do it by squatting on a whole between two coconut logs on top of a pit - we use the coconut husks (bunot) to wipe our asses (OUCH! but its true!). Imagine my beautiful butt! LOL! 

Photos: Taken at Austin, Texas.

But come to think of it, we pinoys prefer to clean our dirt with water and our BARE HANDS, than clean it with dry toilet paper. Ironic noh?!?

Sunday, February 4, 2007

A sleepy blog.

I had so many adventures this week, being my first time in US. I am here at Austin, Texas and its almost 1am here. Why am I still up? because I'm so desperate to produce an entry here. Can't believe that I've been neglecting my blog now. Hmmm di pde yun. 

So its so cold here. Like super nakakapanginig na kalamigan over here. It hurts my nose and it dries my skin. I wanted to tell you so many things buy I am really antok.

Fill you in tom okay.