Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Know God to know love

Just reposting a quote I saw from a church mate..

I truly believe in my heart that this is so true...

Anytime we allow someone to displace GOD as the focus of our affection,& instead of making GOD the object of our longing, we wrongly direct these feelings toward another human. We became IDOLATERS, hoping that this person will meet our needs and bring us fulfillment. You'll never know WHAT LOVE is until you know WHO GOD is.

And so I pray everyday that I may be able to stay my affection to the one true God. He is the only one who can fill me really.. I have ever experienced it over and over. Whoever he is that God will give to me as a partner, I truly believe that he is someone of the same faith as mine. The one who will not let my affection to my God be displaced. :)

What's the picture for? Wala. I thought it would look cute on my blog hehehe. This was by the way taken in Batanes :)