Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trying to write a personal testimony.

I'm trying to write a personal testimony and I thought it should come as a breeze to me but it wasn't really easy.  It is also a serious matter that I should consider also when and where to write it.  I'm right here in the office, doing nothing and so I thought what a perfect timing to start drafting my personal testimony however the mood isn't just right.  And whenever a momentum starts kickin' that's when somebody would ask me a technical question... *sigh*



I sure know that personal testimony is a personal note of experience as one draws near to Christ.  And while I understand that each Christian has its own account on how their lives were changed after knowing Christ, I didn't realized how useful having a well thought personal testimony is until I googled "personal testimony".   On one <a href="">site</a> that checked, it says that personal testimony is a very good tool on sharing the gospel to others.  And well come to think of it, how could anyone possibly convince about Christ if anyone will just present it based on idea (what the Bible says) and not on his own experience.

So anyway, I hope I find the right words to describe what happened (or what changed) after I've known Christ.  Jesus is simply remarkable and marvelous in my life that I can't stop loving him.  I've made a vow to serve him for the rest of my life.

Gotta get back to work.. email are piling up..LOL

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baguio Camp Story

I only slept for 4 hours, the trip was more or less 6 hours. First thought, strawberry taho! It was surprisingly cold in Baguio and I heard one of the manong said that it was indeed colder that day. Great!

We were greeted by a lot of people offering for a place to stay in Baguio. My bro in church (Tope) kept on saying that we already have a place - which was in my Papa's townhouse. A few minutes after a man with a paper in hand is approaching Tope. Thinking that it was another of those vendors offering for a place, before the man had uttered a word Tope already told the guy that we have place to go. Apparently the guy wanted to do an interview regarding our trip. LOL! I knew Tope was really embarrassed but kept his composure and did the interview.

Pastor was also interviewed aside from Tope. It provided us a venue to advertise our event. Hehehe, Pastor was really proud. After the interview of course we took a picture. The interview was later shown in Umagang Kay Ganda and Balitanghali of Channel 7.


Finally we arrived at the townhouse. The place always amazes me. It is simply beautiful and pleasant to stay. And everyone was very pleased as well. They already asked me if we can go back there again. By then we're all hungry and the strawberry taho for sure wouldn't last long. So half of us went to the market to buy food, half of us stayed and prepared the camp kit.

I guess everyone is on a pleasant mood despite having lack of sleep. Before breakfast we managed to clean up the place (no one stays in the townhouse so it is surely dusty). By the time breakfast was ready, it was near lunch. The weather is nice, place is great and everybody was just happy and gay. I guess everybody is just in their positive state because not one ever complained cleaning up the dishes. Or being assigned to throw the garbage. They didn't let me do anything on the house though. :)

After breakfast we all slept like dead. As for me, I didn't get to sleep much because Papa and Tina kept on texting me, checking me if we're fine.


Of course the Advance Party as planned had to see Baguio. So we went to Burnharm Park, Session Rd, Teachers' Camp and Mines View. For me I'd rather stay at the townhouse because there's nothing much to see around Baguio. But there's much to eat! Pusit, mais, strawberry... Yum!

I decided to do my shopping on this day as it was less crowded than on weekends. I was able to bargain well on my items. While we're roaming around the town, I was feeling anxious about me having a slot in worship to sing as lead (not as backup). Ate lot was very supportive to practice with me while we're walking along Burnharm.


All in all it was a great and tiring day. We decided to eat dinner at the townhouse and retire for the day as early as 10PM. I got a call from Mr. F around 11 and finally closed my eyes after that. Tomorrow is the day! :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm Free



I couldn't believe it myself. If only I had known. The life that I've been wanting back 6 months ago was given back to me after 5 days at Baguio. How?


I wish I can really describe in words the experience but all I can say is that it was indeed LIFE CHANGING. I couldn't believe that I am just totally healed. Like last month I was so BITTER and EMO but now I couldn't recall feeling like that anymore. Like a bulb has been switched on in me and all of a sudden I find this direction in my life. I just see those things that had happened as life's lesson, as something that I have to go through in order to reach this point where I am now.


I feel like that flower in the photo. I'm about to blossom into something beautiful. And even if the flower has not blossomed yet, it is already beautiful. God is so awesome and wonderful. From the 5 day retreat in Baguio, I come to learn and experience again a very important thing.. TO TRUST GOD WITH ALL YOUR LIFE. In times of trouble I will not be shaken because God has a great plan for me (Jeremiah 29:11). All these problems are to teach me a lesson and this recent heartache indeed has taught me so MANY lessons. JUST SO MANY HARD LESSONS.

Too bad I'm not a very good story teller. But I'll try in the days to come to share the experience. For now what matters is that..


...and I'M IN LOVE.. oh yes.. that's quite right.. I'M IN LOVE

Lazy days at work


Don't you just have days like this when you just can't FOCUS at work. There's work to do and nothing non-work to do (except blogging) and yet.. and yet.. I just can't make myself work! sigh! I wonder if nurses have days like this too?? Hihihi poor patients for those days..

It's been a while and again I have planned to blog a lot of things that has happened since the dark age up today - which I'll call the Enlightened age. LOL. But then I am as ALWAYS a busy woman and just couldn't squeeze time to write. This is probably the reason why today I just can't work and I find blogging really refreshing. Geeez I'm feeling so sneaky right now because it's office hours and my boss is just around the table and could see me anytime. Specially now that I'm typing like a maniac.. I'm just so excited to blog.. hmmmm so how to begin with my story?? Perhaps from where I ended.. :)

By the way, my Batanes escapade had been a year ago - only last year. It already felt like a decade ago.

Psalms 62:1 - My soul finds rest in You alone.