Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trying to write a personal testimony.

I'm trying to write a personal testimony and I thought it should come as a breeze to me but it wasn't really easy.  It is also a serious matter that I should consider also when and where to write it.  I'm right here in the office, doing nothing and so I thought what a perfect timing to start drafting my personal testimony however the mood isn't just right.  And whenever a momentum starts kickin' that's when somebody would ask me a technical question... *sigh*



I sure know that personal testimony is a personal note of experience as one draws near to Christ.  And while I understand that each Christian has its own account on how their lives were changed after knowing Christ, I didn't realized how useful having a well thought personal testimony is until I googled "personal testimony".   On one <a href="">site</a> that checked, it says that personal testimony is a very good tool on sharing the gospel to others.  And well come to think of it, how could anyone possibly convince about Christ if anyone will just present it based on idea (what the Bible says) and not on his own experience.

So anyway, I hope I find the right words to describe what happened (or what changed) after I've known Christ.  Jesus is simply remarkable and marvelous in my life that I can't stop loving him.  I've made a vow to serve him for the rest of my life.

Gotta get back to work.. email are piling up..LOL

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