Friday, July 21, 2006

Every Minute Matters.

Sa opisina every minute matters. Pero I can still manage to play tech warrior and monstergame. One good thing of being a lead is that you're so busy its so easy to ignore hurtful realities. The bad thing is life passes you by without experiencing it. Now that I can get to pause and look back naisip ko ang bilis lumipas ng panahon and yet heto pa rin ako single. Hanggang ngayon busy pa rin ako. Sandali lang sakin ang isang linggo, minsan pakiramdam ko gahol pa. Sometimes I worry that I will end up losing sight of the things that matters most in life because of all the work I'm doing. Right now wish ko sana I have someone to remind me about life and love.
That picture by the way was taken inside the tent camped at Mt. Makulot - my very first climb. I was not feeling well because it so happen that this was my FIRST DAY also!