Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I miss me


I sometimes feel like a stranger to myself. Things have changed, and I have changed without knowing it. Even now knowing that I am not totally myself anymore as I used to, I just don't know what it was that I lost or changed. Is it for good that I changed? Maybe. I am not certain of things anymore, even of things that I want now. I cannot also sort things now the way I used to. And so a friend of mine asked me, "what it feels like to be 30?" First word that came in my head and which I said to her was, "Resigned, not pressured simply resigned."

I have a very close friend, Mr. F, who is capable of self healing FAST. When I say fast it is indeed fast. Which I find really special of him. He told me that I am living in the past. I will not say he is wrong because he could be right. I didn't say this to him but I don't feel that way honestly. Actually, I could anytime re-live the past if I'd want to but I didn't because I believe that doing so my dreams has a better chance in the future. However I cannot oppose nature, past affects the present. No matter how this brain realizes the potential impact in my future of letting my present be affected by the past, still it happens. It is just TIRING to actually try escape or neglect the effects of the past. SOMETHING'S LOST IN ME.

Maybe God and time is just all I need. Unlike Mr. F who has the ability to get better at will, as for me I need TIME. I've been praying to God to restore me, fill me. It's been a while... I miss myself.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

DTC Family Camp!

This year's Family Camp is ambitious. Grabeh, this is truly a BIG leap of faith to do. Sa Baguio gaganapin ang camp and with all the financial challenges that everybody is facing, it's really hard to tell the numbers of those who can come. While our target is 100, those who registered to come (not yet paid!) is up to 80 pa lang.

Anyways, the picture is the chosen image for our camp and will be printed in a large tarpouline. The picture surely depicts our camp's theme which is T.A.W.A.G - Time Alone With Almighty God.

Model pa dito si Anna. Surely the picture showered me with comments and teasing from my church friends.